Prepare For A Career As A Theater Makeup Artist During Your Cosmetology Program

Working as a theater makeup artist is an exciting career that lets you work with live performance stars and can take you all over the country or world. To get a job with the most prestigious theater troupes, however, you must prepare yourself. Here are two steps you can take while still enrolled in a cosmetology program to ready yourself for a promising career as a theater makeup artist.

Volunteer at Your Local Theater

When choosing classes, try to find daytime classes so that you can spend your evenings volunteering at your local theater. Hopefully, you'll be able to help out as a makeup artist, which would give you experience. If you are used in this capacity, ask a photographer to take shots of any performers whom you do the makeup for. These pictures could form the foundation of a theater-focused portfolio.

Even if you aren't used as a makeup artist, volunteering backstage in any capacity at your local theater will let you network with and learn from more experienced makeup artists. You'll also see what challenges they face and how they deal with those challenges. You may even want to ask your cosmetology instructors about a scenario you witness to see how they would handle the situation.

Ask Your Instructors About Getting Multiple Licenses

As your cosmetology program comes to an end, talk with your instructors about becoming licensed in several states. Becoming licensed in multiple states won't only let you apply for makeup artists positions in several states, but it may also help you get a job with a traveling theater troupe that travels to different states.

While each state has its own licensing requirements, many states require makeup artists to be licensed. Louisiana has a license specifically for makeup artists. In other states, makeup artists are licensed as estheticians. Your instructors will be able to sort through the licensing requirements in different states and help you study for each exam you'll have to take.

Once you have several pictures of your work and several licenses in different states, you'll be ready to apply for makeup artists positions in the theater industry. You can continue to build your portfolio and get more licenses after your cosmetology program is finished, but there's no need to wait until it's over to start getting ready for your career. Begin while you're still taking classes so you can be ready to immediately send out applications once you're done.

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